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  1. Bryant Mayne says:

    Good afternoon Amanda. I’ve run into an issue regarding SharePoint document storage that I don’t believe was addressed in Beginning SharePoint 2007 and I have been unable to find any solutions online. I’m in the process of migrating a significant number of files from shared network drives to SharePoint to leverage its features particularly around metadata. We are actually running Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 not the full SP server. I’ve created a few columns to capture metadata to assist in searching and organization the problem is populating this data with tens of thousands of files. My thought was to map from Access and write queries to set these values but I cannot do this effectively because Access seems to only be able to map to a particular directory and does not have access to the files in subdirectories. Is there a way to import every file with a full path to link it back? I’m not tied to using Access if there is a better strategy for migrating and setting values for large amounts of data. Thanks for your help on this. I have enjoyed your book. Thanks again, Bryant

  2. Dan Johnson says:


    I’m hunting high and low for prefab solutions that will help me make an intranet site out of SharePoint 2010. The key here is that this is an Intranet site.

    Because intranets are common, I am hoping that there is someone in this world that’s developing solutions that can be plugged into place to make it easy to get an intranet up and running on SharePoint.

    Do you have any suggestions where I might look for answers?


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