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Windows Live Writer (Beta) – Testing 123

I downloaded and have been trying out the beta for Windows Live Writer.  I have to say it’s pretty neat and I think I will continue to use it for a while.  In fact since I have switched my blog … Continue reading

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The Promise

When you are in a relationship with someone for a long time (like 8 or 9 years), then sometimes you have to make promises to the other person to ensure you hold up your part of the bargain related to … Continue reading

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Please update the RSS Feed for this site

This will happen once and once only.  The RSS feed for this site was recently updated to use feedburner.  The new feed is located: Thanks!

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Happy Birthday Arnold x 2

February 1st is a very special day for our family since it is the birth date of my older brother, Arnold as well as his son, Arnold. We got together on Saturday for a most awesome birthday party and it … Continue reading

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Dilbert Blog

It only makes sense that the creator of the ultimate “That is so much like my life” comic has started to blog. Scott Adams is now posting to the Dilbert blog and I already love it. This post almost made … Continue reading

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Welcome Back Comments

Well after several months of having a broken / hi-jacked weblog with respect to comments…I finally am able to reenable them again. I am in Toronto this week for a consulting gig so I figured my evenings would be best … Continue reading

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All Themed Up Again

Thanks to Shane for fixing up the Xbox 360 Skin on my weblog. I managed to destroy it a couple of weeks ago when performing minor maintenance on my blog. It’s so awesome to have a man that can make … Continue reading

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RSS Aggregators

Wow thanks guys for all of you who took a moment to let me know what you think regarding the best aggregators on the market right now. Some suggestions I have received so far include: FeedDemon Bloglines RSSBandit Omea Pro … Continue reading

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RSS Aggregators

So what is everyone using as their RSS Aggregator of choice these days? I have am officially fed up with Newsgator due to some performance issues that seem to be bugging me more and more everyday. I was a major … Continue reading

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And the blogging is boooooring! From my blog anyhow. Between a couple of exciting projects at work, lots of community related stuff with INETA & SharePoint and what appears to be the first signs of summer here in Paradise (only … Continue reading

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