Site and Site Collection Level Recycle Bin

Previously a common question I would get from folks new to SharePoint would be “How do I recover the site I just deleted via the Recycle Bin?” to which unfortunately my reply would be “Umm you don’t.” This was a little scary for some situations since in many cases in SharePoint, we might use a site as a container for a group of documents rather than a folder and it can be a bit of a headache to do a site level restore from a larger backup. Plus let’s face it…If I accidentally delete something, I don’t necessarily want to run off to IT to confess to it.

With SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1, one of the new features that was introduced was a site and site collection level recycle bin.

Once Service Pack 1 has been installed within your SharePoint environment, deleted sites will appear in the Site Collection Recycle Bin ((Site Settings -> Site Collection Administration -> Recycle Bin) under “Items Deleted From End User Recycle Bin”.

If you have a deleted Site Collection that you need to rescue, you can run a Powershell Command to get your site back.

First you must run the Get-SPDeletedSite command to retrieve information regarding deleted site collections that exist within the farm.

Then once you know the ID of the deleted site collection, you can run the following command.

Restore-SPDeletedSite -Identity ENTER ABOVE VALUE FOR SITEID

And just like that your site collection is restored!



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