The Greatest Present Ever Received…A Donkey!

Today is my birthday.  Normally I wouldn’t necessarily admit it (nor choose to write a post about it) but it provides a good foundation for this story.

My fiance, Shane had mentioned he had purchased a nice present for me this year.  I was intrigued but also felt I didn’t really need anything specific.  While we are not well off or rich by any means, we are extremely happy and have most things that we could ever want.  So when I woke up and went downstairs to get my coffee, I saw a birthday card and rose on the kitchen table.  Thinking that was a sweet gesture, I assumed that was everything and was happy to continue with my day.

Then Shane handed me a letter confirming the purchase of a holiday hamper of…2 goats, 8 chicks, 1 donkey and 1 pack of rice.  These objects are available for purchase (via donation) at and will be given to people in need all around the world in poverty stricken areas such as Ethiopia and Bangladesh.  For example, donkeys are provided to female headed households to assist with carrying of water, firewood and other challenging chores.  The goats provide a source of sustainable food and income to families in need.  In short, a simple birthday gift to me has the potential to help multiple people in a way unlike anything I have ever done before. 

Needless to say I was moved and feel strongly that this is by far the best present I could have ever received.  I feel so grateful that I have a fiance that is so thoughful and loving and also that we are lucky enough to be given an opportunity to help others with money that could have easily been spent on a video game, fancy meal or other insignificant item.

So my reason for posting this is to let others know about this program and hopefully enlighten someone else to offer a similar gift to a person they love.  I can assure you that it doesn’t take much to really make someone’s day and with the holidays approaching, it might be just the answer you are looking for.

More information available at: 

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