Sneak Peak of our Upcoming Book "Beginning SharePoint 2007"

As Amanda has pointed out over on her blog, small portions of the book will be released in article format over the next few months on the WROX site to give people a chance to check out a few of the concepts ahead of time.  So if you go to the site now, you will be able to read a short article that will guide you through an explanation and the usage of the Approval workflow in MOSS 2007.For those of you out there that are just getting started with SharePoint or might be expected to become the next guru in your organization for using the out of the box features of SharePoint and customizing them to meet your specific organization’s goals – this book should help get you on your way.  One of the things I have always liked about this particular WROX series is the hands on learning style which is why I was thrilled to have the opportunity to write such a book for SharePoint.  Of course it helped that I had such a great writing partner too!

Big thanks to the WROX crew for all their hard work as well!

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