Let the blogging begin, "again".

Amanda and I have officially finished our book (Beginning SharePoint 2007) and it’s gone into production.  Amanda and I have spent the last several months doing an absolute brain dump into this book and I hope people will enjoy it.  It covers almost all of the basics of the product, focusing on how you can actually “use it” to build business solutions.  Not to much wonky technical mumbo jumbo, just dive in and get your hands dirty kinda stuff.

Now that we’re done, that means the blogging can begin and what better way than introducing a couple of new MOSS sites which are pressing hard in the web standards and accessibility space – GREAT to see MOSS sites taking this route and opting for mostly tableless designs!

Example 1:

Example 2:



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2 Responses to Let the blogging begin, "again".

  1. Hi Shane,

    I’m starting to order couple of books because I’m implementing SharePoint in my organization.

    I would love to order your book. when will it be available? will it be in Amazon? let me know so i order it.

  2. Luke Evans says:


    Are there any resources/information regarding creating web standards and accessibility ‘correct’ MOSS sites? (EG. CSS Master Page Templates with Content Placeholders)

    In reference to a previous topic (http://www.graphicalwonder.com/?p=532); from my understanding MOSS sites are not completely customisable (EG. cannot edit application.master page), the creators of above MOSS sites seem to have done quite well with their customisations (can not tell it is a MOSS site).

    Any direction would be appreciated, thanks.