I'm Just a Feature

A very good read is available over on the Windows Mobile blog on how feature requests can or sometime cannot evolve into builds of the product.  It’s fascinating to read about the impacts of creating software for such a large user base.  I know we struggle with feature management with the development of our Team Tools line.  However that is a drop in the bucket compared to the millions of users that Microsoft products are created for. 

Makes me really appreciate just how many of the awesome features that I wanted for SharePoint 2007 actually made the cut!  I had a list that was several pages long of things I wanted to see in the next version.  And to my surprise, many of the items have been addressed.  Of course now I have a new list building because of the new potential that has been introduced by the product through all the great new features (no pun) that have been introduced such as content types, site columns, business data catalog, form services etc…

Just goes to show how good software will always have a path to evolve.

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