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First mobile blog post

Sitting in the airport with a little time to spare. Figure this is as good a time as any to try a blogpost from my new pocketPc.

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Subscribe to the "Comments" RSS Feed

I realised a few days ago that one of the most under-utilized features of my blog is the ability to subscribe to the comments feed. This would be of particular interest to anyone that’s interested in having a high-level overview … Continue reading

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Office 2007 Lunch and Learns

I just saw over on Mike Gannotti’s uber fantastic SharePoint based blog that he is hosting a series of lunch and learn sessions on various aspects of everyone’s favoriate application system…Office 2007.  He is also going to be creating on … Continue reading

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Could Microsoft be catching the presentation bug?

People are becoming more and more aware that presentation style is important.  Sites like have done a fantastic job of thrownig tips out there and doing style-comparisons. Last night we hosted another user group meeting – The topic was … Continue reading

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Stop bloating my code!

While testing out some of the cool new featuers in SharePoint 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh, I noticed there is a lot of code-rewriting going on when you use the HTML editing features built into the new WCM content-editing control. … Continue reading

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A weekend of techo-spending

This weekend while quite busy with various projects was also filled with various suprise shopping sprees.  Amanda started it off by buying us each a Pocket PC (The UTStarcom) which I’m very impressed with thus far. We pondered the Motorolla … Continue reading

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Xbox 360: NHL 2007

Finally a decent hockey game has been released for the Xbox 360 console!  I have always been a fan of the EA Sports NHL series and was pretty rotted when I brought my 360 that there was no version of … Continue reading

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Xbox 360: Cranium Pop5 Videos

Looks like the guys from the Gamerscore blog were having some fun creating videos acting out some of the scenarios from Cranium.  You can see a list on their blog post of the videos they created but my personal fave … Continue reading

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The importance of listening to your customers

I think it’s crucial to point out that it’s very evident that Microsoft is listening to the partners, customers and the community. From the new communication strategies (Blogs), to the User Experience Programs, Microsoft is obviously paying close attention, taking … Continue reading

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SharePoint 2007: Team Tools Feature Explorer v1.0

Yesterday Shane posted about an app called Feature Explorer that was created by one of our Developers, Lloyd Cotten to help him work with Features more easily.  The Team Tools Feature Explorer can be downloaded from our website for FREE here.    

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