Vista Experiences So Far

I have been running Vista on my personal computer for a couple of weeks now.  I really love the interface and behaviour of the operating system.  It’s fun to play with a new interface and get used to all the hidden gems.  I really love what they have done with the network settings as the experience of sharing files with other computers on my network has vastly improved.

My only issue holding me back from installing on other pcs within our home network is a bug that I have had very little success in finding other information online about.  So maybe it only happens to a limited few.  But as I load up Vista after a restart or turn it on…I log onto the machine and then it hangs for about 15-20 minutes on the “Preparing Your Desktop…” screen.  Then finally as if it pops out of a long daydream…we are back in business.

Anyone else have this?

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