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The Future

According to some, Microsoft has released for IE only a preview of the upcoming website.  It’s thus far being met by some pretty harsh words. That’s no huge suprise – people love to hate Microsoft and while I’m not … Continue reading

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Offline Time

Shane and I are on holidays for the next 2 weeks.  We are using this time to recharge and get some things done around the house.  For the past week or so we have been slaving in our backyard to … Continue reading

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Vacation Time!

The posts will likely slow down over the next couple of weeks as I unplug during 2 weeks vacation, I still have a couple of big community projects I’m working on in the background so those involved know how to … Continue reading

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Changing your site layout and style sheets dynamically with ASP.NET

Great article by Scott Guthrie on his blog: Recipe: Dynamic Site Layout and Style Personalization with ASP.NET Problem: You want to enable end-users visiting your web-site to dynamically customize the look and feel of it.  Specifically, you want to enable … Continue reading

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MOSS 2007 (WCM) Customization: Registering the proper prefix

Those of you that have delved into the customization of WCM capable sites and page layouts may have noticed that when you drag a content control on to the page and view it in the browser you get an “Unspecified … Continue reading

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SharePoint Designer 2007: Another Hidden Gem (Logging)

  Today I’m venturing deep into the creation of custom page layouts built on content types.  The layout is relatively easy so I decided to take a shot at creating CSS based layouts for my page(s). When attaching a custom … Continue reading

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Calling all InfoPath 2007 Experts – Looking for a little help

This is probably going to need input from the InfoPath 2007 Team but I figured I’d put it out there anyway. We are trying to use the email data connection functionality to email an InfoPath form to a user external … Continue reading

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Office 2007, Jensen Harris showing off some visuals

Courtesy of Jensen Harris So, without further ado… the new Office 2007 color scheme is called “Silver.” Here’s a picture of it running on top of a recent build of Windows Vista. This color scheme was designed to provide a … Continue reading

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MOSS 2007/WSS V3: Where are the chart web parts?

I had an email conversation yesterday about “charting” in MOSS 2007/WSS v3, more specifically where are they? With so much emphasis on BI you would expect to see a lot of charting capabilities. We all know how exec’s love their … Continue reading

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About Process.

A word that is music to my ears yet sends so many others running for cover. How many times in the run of a week do I get that “Oh here she goes again” look? Usually good natured since most … Continue reading

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