SharePoint 2007: Installation and Configuration

For those of us that grew up with SharePoint over the past 5 or so years, we know all too well the pains associated with the lack of resources early in the game.  That being said, I am continuously amazed at the excellent content being posted this early in the game on SharePoint 2007 and its associated features.

One perfect example comes from Harsh’s blog where he has written an excellent article on the details related to an SharePoint installation…Step by Step

Great use of screencaps and resource links. FANTASTIC Stuff!!  This is exactly the type of content the community needs to get more and more people running the latest bits, finding bugs and building enthusiasm over the new features.


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One Response to SharePoint 2007: Installation and Configuration

  1. Alfonso says:

    Thanks Man finding that link was a great find, installing 2007 now, name what a workload….. But hope that its worth it…