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CSS Improvements in Firefox 1.5

CSS Improvements Some areas of CSS2 are still begging for full support in today’s browsers. Firefox 1.5 is another step forward in supporting these obscure-but-useful features: Nested quotes If you put quotes within quotes (e.g. I said, The guy told … Continue reading

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Windows Folder Web Part

Straight from the goldfish bowl. Windows Folder Web Part Overview: The Windows Folder web part allows users to store files within a standard Windows (NTFS) folder in a shared network location and display a list of those files in a … Continue reading

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10 Free Themes Short Term Success

Thanks again to everyone that has emailed, MSN’n or otherwised linked to or downloaded the SharePoint Theme Pack. In 48 hours there have been over 1200 visitors to the document library specifically and over 350 downloads. For those that have … Continue reading

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10 tips to make your websites more accessible

Courtesy of the W3C: The links in the Quick Tips below mostly go to the techniques documents that provide implementation guidance – including explanations, strategies, and detailed markup examples. 1. Images & animations: Use the alt attribute to describe the … Continue reading

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10 free themes to spice up your SharePoint sites.

As mentioned before the reason I have been blogging so much about theme customization is due to the fact that I have been creating them, a lot of them. In fact here are 10 you can use to spice up … Continue reading

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ASP.NET 2.0 Security FAQS (Channel 9 Wiki)

Overview Welcome to the ASP.NET 2.0 Security FAQ page. This page provides an index to common questions and answers. The questions act as another index into the security guidance. View the ASP.NET 2.0 Security FAQ’s here

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More on the 10 Free Themes for your SharePoint sites

Thanks to those that have been downloading the themes, emailing and MSN’ing me. For those of you that are interested in learning a little more on theme customization, or those that wish to tweak the ones I created there are … Continue reading

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For those that were at TechED, You can now get your SQL 2005 copy

Thank you for attending Microsoft TechEd 2005 and for registering for your complimentary* copy of SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition. To place your order, just go to the SQL Server 2005 Customer and Partner Order Web site and complete the … Continue reading

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The truth behind search

So when I say search I can only assume the first thing that comes into your mind is google right? But is good really better? Why don’t you try the search engine experiement and see what your results are. You … Continue reading

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Free SharePoint Theme Pack – Download Now

I usually try to encourage companies that are interested in branding their portals or team sites to develop custom themes for their SharePoint environments instead of A) using FrontPage to manipulate visual design elements by changing table or page background … Continue reading

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