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Videos from PDC

If you didn’t make it to PDC don’t worry you can check out the videos online. View the PDC 05 Videos Here.

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Understanding SharePoint Styles

A little more on SharePoint Styles and the way CSS works. I have tried several variations of style finders for SharePoint in the past. Most recently Todd Bleekers. These are great little tools that can tell you what class/id is … Continue reading

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SharePoint Styles, Find them, Change Them

If you done much SharePoint customization you will have quickly realised there are a lot of classes and id’s which you can manipulate in order to change the look of your site. Apart from that there are several stylesheets which … Continue reading

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Tim Hortons Trip Planner

I have just discovered my new best friend for when I am on the road. Normally whenever I hit a new town on a consulting gig, the order of business is A) Locate my hotel and B) Locate nearest Tim … Continue reading

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Exporting a Web Part as a DWP

Todd Bleeker has a good summary on exporting a web part as a .DWP. This is the way I exported the “WSS Manager/Drop Down Menu” I posted last week. I like Todd’s blog because it’s generally very focused and easy … Continue reading

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Excellent article on website redesign versus re-aligning.

Absolutely fantastic article that delves into website design, more specifically redesign versus realigning. Definately worth a read. Read Good Designers Redesign, Great Designers Realign by Cameron Moll

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Microsoft 2005 Launch Tour, 200 Cities in 90 Countries

For you early adopters and those currently tinkering with Visual Studio and SQL Server 2005 the launch tour has been announced. The people behind the products will be in 200 cities in 90 countries. Check the Microsoft SQL Server, Visual … Continue reading

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Deployment and Customization Best Practices for Windows SharePoint Services

I first noticed this on Patricks site. This is a definate starting point for anyone delving into Windows SharePoint Services and customization. Overview: This document provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) that IT professionals have … Continue reading

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The Beauty of SharePoint

Most of my posts are about SharePoint customization so I wanted to switch it up a little and write something slightly different but not too far off the beaten path. I have read several posts/debates about the negative aspects of … Continue reading

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Getting Started Videos ASP.NET 2.0

Via Scott Guthrie MSDN has posted some good getting-started video material on ASP.NET 2.0 and Visual Web Developer. Highlighted today is a course on using the new data access features (including the new ObjectDatasource, GridView, and FormView controls). Available for … Continue reading

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