Finding and Editing SharePoint Styles (Using the IE Dev Toolbar)

I just found a new way to use the Internet Explorer Dev Toolbar thanks to Renaud (aka Stramit). Oddly I had never seen the “select by click” option.

For those of you using the IE Dev Toolbar to figure out what classes/id’s are applied to elements in SharePoint you’ll by happy to know it’s much faster when you select the “Select element by click” option.

When this option is selected you can simply click on any element on the page and it’s properties will display. No need to drill down through a massive table structure.

This option is found under the “Find” menu of the Dev Toolbar. Thanks Renaud!

You can download the Internet Explorer Toolbar (beta) here.

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2 Responses to Finding and Editing SharePoint Styles (Using the IE Dev Toolbar)

  1. Romeo Pruno says:

    Some time ago I’ve write an interesting post about the interoperabiloity between “ClassInfo” and IE DevToolbar, for more information about it, please read this post at:

  2. Milan says:

    Sexy, just sexy, and it helps with all those pain in the @$$ sharepoint styles :D