World of Warcraft

OK went ahead and picked up a copy each for myself and Shane today. Should be a bit of fun. Anyone else playing WOW these days? Got any good advice on getting started? Drop me a line.

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  1. chris says:

    The servers have been down lately, but you can catch me at the Lightbringer realm; my nick is Krees and I’m a 14 lvl Rogue!

    If you need some help leveling up; drop me a msg!

    Cool game indeed!

  2. Hey Chris! Thanks for letting me know you are playing!

    Right now I have a level 5 newbie on Deathwing called “Setag”. I am still trying to figure out getting around n stuff. I might swing by and check out the Lightbringer realm though. If I do I will ping you. I am not that commited to my current character – it’s basically something to use till I figure out the ins and outs of the game.

    I hate being a newb!! :)

  3. bobby says:

    I am I am a expert well kinda I guess.

    Here are some small tips:

    When a monster is chasing you don’t run to where other players are the monster may attack them giving you a bad reputation Run to a nearby town or city the city/town’s guards will help you.

    Be very nice when you see someone fighting a monster who is losing help them heal the guy and kill the monster. But don’t let the player take advantage over you by going againest monster that he/she can’t fight. If you are a druid druid are the best buffers cast good buffs on player they may do good stuff in return.

    If you a druid(Which I am) for one of the 2 professions you can have atleast get herbilsim a gathering profession and achlemist(SP) the druid is the best gather in the game.

    Please don’t use slang for every word it gets hard to understand like when people go like this:” sup man lol brb? wtf? roxxor!,”

    Be a druid well you can make 50 differnt chactors of you account for no extra money! But atleast make a druid I can describe them in 10 words ” the jack of all trades yet the master of none,” Be a night elf druid if you are a night eld druid its better then tarun well kinda. If you be a NE druid you have some spells that are pretty good like wrath and stuff. The druid rocks it has the best buffs the best buffer in the game. and if you are a NE druid you don’t need training for using daggers. They are pretty good melee not the best but are pretty good. They can shape shift in cat the can use prowl sneak up on people and kill them. Bears are ok tanks but don’t use for tanks much the are strong but not the best tanks. In aqutic(SP) form you cfan breath under water and swim good. In traveling form you turn into a chettah but can’t attack but are fast you really don’t need a mount. A druid can resurrcet 1 chactor every 30 minutes. Like if your group dies you can go back and resurrect someone. And when a NE druid dies in becomes a wisp and can go 25% faster then other races when dead.

    I love when people go “I didn’t know a druid could do that!!,” druid kick.