Soggy Cornflakes

So I wake up this morning in my hotel feeling happy that after a very busy week on the road…I am heading home.  I start packing everything up - all the while puzzled as to how everything can go in my suitcase with room to spare on the way up – but it is such a struggle to get everything to fit on the way back, no matter how I fold or arrange stuff.

Then I get a call from the Front Desk asking me what the license plate of my car is.  I suddenly feel a little sick because I doubt this is a courtesy call offering me a complimentary car wash.  Nope turns out someone backed into my rental car in the parking lot and left a major dent in front.  Luckily the lady was decent enough to report it so I remained calm and didn’t get upset.  Although I must admit that I really wanted to…

So now I’m sitting here in the airport…cranky…and wondering how much a pain in the butt this is all going to be.  Apparently all I have to do is report the damage to my credit card company (I was using their collision coverage) and it should all resolve itself.  But somehow I have my doubts.

Anyone else ever have this happen?  Drop me a line.

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