Customizing and Branding SharePoint Portal Server and Windows SharePoint Services

For those of you who are interested in SharePoint Customization – you may want to check out the MSDN Webcast this Friday by Mike Fitzmaurice.

Many deployments of Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies wouldn’t be complete without modifications to settings and user interface elements to conform to user requirements and/or corporate policies. The latest version of SharePoint offers improvements in the customization, development, and deployment of an enterprise portal and team collaboration infrastructure. This webcast will cover what can be easily configured, what can be safely configured, and what shouldn’t be modified without adequate experience.

As well, there is another webcast by Mike being offered on March 23 to discuss and review alternatives for Enterprise Application Integration with SharePoint Portal Server.

Many options exist for integrating SharePoint Portal Servers with Enterprise line of business applications. This session presents techniques and code for accomplishing common integration tasks. Learn how to call custom APIs to facilitate integration, make use of BizTalk Server, utilize the Single Sign-On services, and synchronize SharePoint Portal Server user profile data with other directories and person-centric data stores.

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