CSI Video Game

Last Night I was bored and figured since I can’t take my Xbox with me when I travel I should at least have a decent PC game that could help pass the time.  Shane has been talking about checking out World of Warcraft for a while so I figured maybe it’s time I pick up a copy.  I haven’t played a MMORPG since Asheron’s Call so I would probably enjoy this. 

Of course, I couldn’t find a copy in any of the local electronics stores so instead I picked up a copy of CSI for a goof.  I love the show (the original one!) so I figured the game might be fun. 

Overall it’s not bad.  A little more lightweight on the strategy than I would have liked.  I was hoping that I would be somewhat challenged by the crime solving but really it’s a bit too easy.  If the game had multiple difficulty modes it would be much better.  But it is a decent time waster all the same.  I blasted through the first 3 crimes but hopefully they get more difficult as you advance.

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