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What a Good SharePoint Consultant Should Know

Great post by Tim Heuer on “what a good sharepoint consultant ought to know…” The list is growing so you might want to keep checking back. I know this stuff will come in handy for us as we expand our … Continue reading

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SharePoint Customization and Web Sites

Was just chatting with Tariq for a moment and I gave him a few links of the recent web sites our team has launched that run on SharePoint. He mentioned that I should list them here since people are often … Continue reading

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A Good Night!

Even Spiderman needs his rest…

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A Good Day

After 2 very busy weeks on the road…it’s good to be home. Slept in…had brunch with my guy…made extra yummy latte (see above)…stayed in favorite PJ’s till noon…life is good!! Now I’m looking forward to an evening visit from my … Continue reading

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Microsoft Announces Recall on Xbox Power Cords

Got this announcement notice from my dad this morning – it’s so cool that he is on the call on this stuff… Microsoft Announces Power Cord Replacement for Xbox REDMOND, Wash. — Feb. 17, 2005 — As a precautionary measure … Continue reading

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No Season…No Real Surprise

I am really surprised at the fact so many claim to be shocked over the announcement today. Certainly people must have seen this coming. How great a season would it have really been even if the sides did come to … Continue reading

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Godfather Preview

Team Xbox has a great intro and write up of the Godfather which will be released on Xbox later this year. “Just as The Godfather films have raised the bar of cinematic achievement, EA’s goal is to create a new … Continue reading

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SharePoint SDK Updates and Articles

So most of us know that an update was release last week to the SharePoint SDK – but Arpan has a nice listing of what was actually updated including a listing of other new SharePoint content released by Microsoft.

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Xbox Live Arcade

Something I didn’t realize until I read Jeff Sandquist’s blog tonight… This month’s Xbox Live Gamer mag features the Xbox Live Arcade. Pretty neat – I have been meaning to check that out for a while. Plus I loved Ms. … Continue reading

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John Porcaro is a Rock Star!!

Yep that’s right you heard (ahem read) it here kids! John Porcaro is now officially a rock star! A couple of weeks he had a great post on Microsoft’s email culture with some quick pointers on dealing with the overload. … Continue reading

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