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New Downloads for Amped 2

New content downloads are now available for Amped 2. This is great timing for me as I haven’t been playing Amped as much in the past 2-3 weeks (been playing Crimson Skies and Links mostly) and this is just what … Continue reading

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Thank You.

A short while back, John Porcaro wrote about a discussion he had at a Geek Dinner with a few other Seattle area bloggers about listening to customers. He said the following: One of the tips Robert talked about made a … Continue reading

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XNA Unveiling

Today Microsoft’s Robbie Bach and J Allard announced a new game development platform, XNA. Very cool. Nice to see game development heading more towards a consistent platform that focuses on reducing costs, improving experiences and better use of developer resources. … Continue reading

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Infopath Team Has a Blog

From Lauraj’s blog, I just read that the Infopath team has a blog. Great news. I didn’t realize but then again I haven’t been doing much blog related reading (or writing for that matter) for the past couple of weeks … Continue reading

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Music to Games Industry Ears

Gamespot has an interesting article on recent reports published by DFC Intelligence on the development of the game industry in comparison to other popular entertainment industries such as music and movies. “Revenue for the video game industry could pass the … Continue reading

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A Newfoundland .Net User Group…Hopefully

Steve and I are meeting with a couple of reps from MSDN Canada tomorrow to get the ball rolling on starting an official Newfoundland .Net User Group. So far the guys have been very friendly and helpful so I am … Continue reading

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Painful Sentences

I finished reading Difficult Conversations a while ago…now I think I am going to write a book called “Painful Sentences” and this one will be in the first chapter: Additional information about this feature will be provided on the Web. … Continue reading

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Information on Office 2004 for Mac

Some new features unveiled for the next Mac version of Office. Pretty cool stuff. While I was very impressed with Office X when it first came out. I have to admit I avoid using it now compared to the Office … Continue reading

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Steve's Suggestions for Webcasts

Today I had a meeting with my boss, Steve. I walk into the Boardroom and I see him there pounding enthusiastically at his keyboard (nothing unusual of course). Turns out he was on a ranting spree and posting to his … Continue reading

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Thanks Slouch!

A very special thanks to our buddy Jamie for coming over to our place last night to finish off our Small Business Server Install / Config. Works great! So nice to be able to do Sharepoint testing and research directly … Continue reading

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