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Links 2004 with Jeff Sandquist

I had the pleasure of playing a couple of rounds of Links 2004 with Jeff Sandquist last night. He seems like a really great guy and he actually knows what “Screech” is. How could I not like the guy after … Continue reading

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Carl's Longhorn Suggestion

This post from Carl Franklin couldn’t be more on the money in my opinion. I have found the domineering window issue to be a major annoyance in the past and present. While I haven’t published my credit card number to … Continue reading

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Wanna Hit the Greens?

Jeff Sandquist is doing something that I have wanted to do for a while by setting up an XSN Sports Group for Geeks that play Links 2004. Great idea. I’d love to have a few rounds with some fellow geeks … Continue reading

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Shane and I ordered

Shane and I ordered an iPod this week. Figured it’s time to put our Nomad Jukebox to pasture and get something a little smaller that had better driver support. Ah heck we did it because they are just plain cooler. … Continue reading

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Bungie Weekly Update

The latest installment of Bungie’s Weekly Update is on this week. Apparently some people are putting up some fake update’s in an attempt to grab traffic – Frankie reminds readers that if it isn’t linked from it probably … Continue reading

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More Praise for Infopath

I guess I’m not the only one thrilled with the changes in Infopath. All week I have been talking with either people at work or elsewhere that are totally pumped about the new functionality included in the “preview”. As well, … Continue reading

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'Ninja Gaiden' (Xbox) Release Date Announced

After much waiting, it looks as if the highly anticipated Ninja Gaiden for Xbox will be shipped by next week. From Tecmo officially announced today that the ship date for its eagerly anticipated new action title, Ninja Gaiden, for … Continue reading

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More on Xbox Next and Hard Drives?

This may be an interesting development in the ongoing discussions on whether or not a hard drive will be included in the next Xbox. M-Systems Enters Into Agreement with Microsoft to Develop Removable Flash Memory Units M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers … Continue reading

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Wonderful World of….

Dylan Greene has posted some really cool pics of his recent visit to Disney World!!! Oh I mean Microsoft’s Campus in Redmond… Pfft way cooler than Disney in my opinion. Of course I haven’t been to either but given a … Continue reading

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Blogs As Conversations

Jim Edelen makes a couple of good points regarding Blogs as Conversations, a concept recently touched on by the Blog King himself. In particular, he brings up an issue that I myself have struggled with in the past. When a … Continue reading

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