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Halo 2 – Fall 2004

Halo 2: Fall 2004 Well I guess this is pretty official. I know that I personally am dying to get my hands on this game but I feel pretty confident it will be worth the wait when its all said … Continue reading

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Great New Blog!

Chris_Pratley’s WebLog is officially on my must watch list. Not bad after only 4 posts. This fills a community information void that I have been experiencing for one of my fave new products from the Office system, OneNote. I hope … Continue reading

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Donne For My Poeterection

Speaking of annoying email messages – this cracked me up! Almost as good as the security patches I receive each day from “Microsoft” OR that nice man that keeps emailing me with that exciting investment opportunity.

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New Virus Nastiness Spreading!!

Executable attachments can be bad, mmmkay? from KC Lemson. Yet another one of those really cool MS gals. This new virus is already turning out to be a major pain in the butt for us. While noone at our office … Continue reading

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Apparently Aaron Got Published

My little bro’s write up on his experience at para training this past summer. This is one case where I can’t say he is much like his big sis.

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Even If He Does Eat Lays…

Since my Canadian ass is speaking hockey, I figure I may as well link to a story on a player I have enjoyed tremendously over the past 20 years.THIS guy knows how to be a leader!

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Jagr To Rangers for Carter?

Capitals agree to send Jagr to Rangers To quote my nephew…”Ohhhhh Man!” Not a big Jagr fan but then again that’s probably why Sather never calls for my opinion on this stuff. I can grow to like anyone that puts … Continue reading

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Kudos to LauraJ

A very special “Wow thank-you very much” to Laura John for her lovely compliment yesterday on her blog. Laura is another one of those really cool Microsoft employees that seems to love her job. I love seeing that. But what … Continue reading

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Xbox closes in on 14 million mark

Xbox closes in on 14 million mark Proud to be a part of that statistic.

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What Makes a Job Enjoyable??

Workplace happiness and “jerk bosses” are topics I see popping up on a number of blogs lately. The Fast Company crew had some more great guest hosts in last week to discuss such topics (I really like how they do … Continue reading

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