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Messenger for Mac

While Messenger 6.0 still rox, one thing I am noticing tonight that I like better about using the Mac version is that I can set it to prompt me after every conversation whether I want to archive or not. I … Continue reading

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The ?Ford versus Chevy? of Software Discussions…

I was reading my comments on my “Why I love Microsoft” Post and was directed to a discussion board where an interesting question was raised: -snip- “One of us, after posting some negative quotes about Microsoft, asked: So I have … Continue reading

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This is Funny!!

Shane just sent me this. I am still laughing!! DO YOU FALL ASLEEP DURING MEETINGS OR SEMINARS? Do you keep falling asleep in meetings and seminars? Here’s a way to change all that. 1. Before your next meeting, seminar, or … Continue reading

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New Desktop Background

My New Desktop I asked Shane to hook me up with a desktop background since he is always doing cool stuff for other people and meanwhile my desktop still had the default windows background from my last install. He said … Continue reading

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OPML Files

I thought I had lost my latest opml file. I was doing some power cleaning on my main desktop after doing a fresh install. When I went to import the file I couldn’t find it so I started to panic … Continue reading

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Powerpoint Presentations

Wired 11.09: PowerPoint Is Evil I read this article after being directed to it via Scoble’s blog. It bought back many terrible memories of Powerpoint presentations that lurked in my past. My University days alone were enough to haunt thy … Continue reading

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They just finished showing one of my favorite commercials on TV. Got me thinking to what my fave current commercials are: Top 5 Favorite Commercials: 1. Any VW Ad but in particular the one where the guy licks the door … Continue reading

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Aaron Did It!!

Well after 6 weeks of long and brutal training, my brother aaron earned his wings. He has done 5 jumps in past couple of days. One was yesterday morning at 2am with complete combats, gear and a rifle. A little … Continue reading

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Power Outages

Scary! Described not to be related to terrorism. Let’s hope all of this doesn’t turn out to be anything more than an inconvenience. And people thought the blaster virus was a pain in the butt.

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Web Piracy

A decent read on web piracy Something that hits home to me personally since my boyfriend is a designer who often finds his works emulated and copied by others. Most times he can laugh it off since it is part … Continue reading

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