I'm Going to See Bob Freakin Dylan!

As a couple, Shane and I have a lot in common. We have some differences too but when it comes to music we are pretty much perfectly aligned. When it comes to Bob Dylan, we are HUGE fans and have been for years. In fact, I might even admit that Shane has a slight edge in the fact that he managed to be born on Bob Dylan’s birthday. I have always secretly thought that he managed to do that on purpose somehow given he was born about 3 months premature. But it is something he tends to remind me of whenever he can.

So one of our biggest goals this year (besides the wedding which is still in the planning stages), was to go see Bob play no matter where that was. If there was a show, we were buying plane tickets or hitching the trailer onto the truck for a road trip. But then out of the blue something strange and awesome happened. Though Bob Dylan had not yet added any other North American dates to his tour page, it was announced he was coming to Atlantic Canada!!! What is even more exciting is…Bob Dylan is going to be playing here on May 24th…Shane and Bob’s birthday.

Needless to say we got tickets and it is gonna be the BEST birthday party ever! I have even gone as far as creating a Facebook group for the night. If you are in Newfoundland and Labrador and are going to the Bob Dylan Concert (aka Shane and Bob’s birthday party), sign up.

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