Moving On…

Well as a followup to my post from earlier in the year regarding my need for some changes in order to achieve a more healthly work / life balance, I decided to start about a month ago by announcing my intent to step down as President of INETA NorAm.  This was a very difficult decision for me that took a large amount of careful thought and consideration.  While I was very excited to be in the position I was in, enjoyed the people I was working with and was passionate about the new activities we were getting ready to launch, I had to make a very challenging choice to put my personal and business life first and walk away. 

INETA is a volunteer run community organization that requires a large amount of time from those that run it.  In many ways the role as President had turned into a second full time job for me and that was having an impact on my ability to spend time with family, pursue new opportunities and focus on other projects and activities.  So while the decision was not an easy one, I feel confident it was the right one for me at this point in my life.  I still completely respect and support what INETA is all about and look forward to working with them again in the future after I have had some time to refocus and regroup.

Over the past month, I have been working at transitioning my duties to other board members and today we elected Daniel Egan as my replacement.  Daniel is a fantastic leader and all around great guy.  He is extremely passionate about the community will do a wonderful job in his new role.  I couldn’t be happier for both him and the organization.

Does this mean I am giving up on the community?  Not at all!  In fact it just means that I will be more focused over the next while and have more time available for doing other things that I have not been able to do for quite a while such as blogging and writing.  In addition, I will have more time focus on SharePoint specific projects over the next while that Shane and I have had sitting on a shelf.  The fun is really only yet beginning.  :-)

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