When the Lack of Sleep Becomes Too Much

I am sitting at the airport getting ready to head out to the West coast of our wonderful continent.  Coming from the most Eastern point in North America, such a journey can make for quite a day.  Basically I leave here in an hour or so and arrive in Seattle in about 14 hours thanks to a lengthy stopover in Toronto.  I would say I am well prepared for the journey with a few TV shows queued up on my phone, a charged up Nintendo DS and a half a dozen games and a laptop oozing with work to be done.  However it would seem a mere 30 minutes into my journey I may not be in as great shape as I would hope.  I left my passport at the ticket desk…then proceeded to security after leaving my purse in the coffee shop.  I could see the fear in Shane’s face as he sent me on my way.  I am normally fairly on the ball when travelling since I do it on a nearly weekly basis.  Perhaps the burning the candle at both ends is starting to show through and it is time for me to catch up on some Z’s.  Wish me luck!  Hopefully I will arrive in one piece with all my belongings.

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