Bill Gates on Enabling Secure Anywhere Access in a Connected World

I have been subscribed to the Microsoft Executive Email for quite some time.  While the posts are few and far between, what it lacks in quantity, it definitely makes up for in quality.

I had almost forgotten I was subscribed to this feed until today when I noticed a post from Bill Gates come through on Secure Access.  Regardless of what you may think of Microsoft, or Bill Gates, one thing is certain, when he writes something, it’s worth reading.

** Snippet **

During the last decade, digital technology has changed the world in profound and exciting ways. Today we communicate instantly with the people we care about without worrying about traditional limitations of time and location. At work, we collaborate with colleagues in distant cities. Global supply chains enable businesses to manufacture products and move them to market with incredible speed and efficiency. Mobile devices ensure that we are productive no matter where we are.

Read the “Enabling Secure Anywhere Access in a Connected World” article on Microsoft’s website.

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