Take advantage of the Manage Content Tools

I just realized how little I’ve been utilizing the “Manage Site Content and Structure” tool available out of the box with MOSS 2007.

While working on my most recent project I had templated a list w/ content types which I needed to roll out to a significant number of sub sites.

Using the Manage Site and Content Structure tool I have a birds eye view of all sites/sub sites where I can quickly roll out the lists.  The only minor quirk is it redirects you to the list/library you create afterward which makes sense most times.  In the event you are in mass creation mode however it would be nice to be able to set an option to remain in the tool.  None the less, it’s an awesome way to manage your sites!

You can access it via:
Site Actions, Manage Content and Structure.

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2 Responses to Take advantage of the Manage Content Tools

  1. Rohan says:

    Can the “Manage Site Content & Structure” page be customized? Can “features” be used to add custom menu items and actions? Any workarounds? Thanks.

  2. Piter says:

    I’m looking for solutions to the same problem, which Rohan mentioned above. Do you know any?