New Features

While I wish I had the time to respond to every question and comment I get, it’s not always possible.  Sometimes the more popular posts take on a life of their own and people from the community help to answer questions.

Unfortunately about 50% of the time someone posts a comment/question on one of the posts, they don’t always remember to come back and check up on it.

To ensure you stay updated on any comments you leave, you can use one of the two following options:

  • You can subscribe to the posts individual RSS Feed.
  • When leaving a comment, you will also now see a check-box which you can select to be “alerted” when a new comment is added to the post
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2 Responses to New Features

  1. karen says:

    We recently switched to MOSS 2007 and have been having troubles with the dropdowns. When I switch to SharePoint Designer, convert to XSLT Data View and the switch to the dropdown format, I get a bunch of numbers in my dropdown (1_.000, 2_.000 and so on). We can’t figure out where they came from or how to get our list to show up. Any ideas??

  2. shane says:


    I have not had or heard of this problem to date. The numbers are not _X0020_ are they? If so they should be spaces but are getting rendered out. I’m really not sure on this one, hopefully someone else will have a better answer.

    Good Luck,