I've been tagged to write "5 things you don't know about me".

Each year several of these baton posts make their rounds.  This year I was tagged by Matt Ranlett to cough up 5 things you don’t know about me so here goes:

  • When I was a teenager I wrote a pilot episode for a television program entitled “Life Like” for YTV.  The episode never went anywhere but it was a lot of fun and an interesting experience to write.
  • During high school I was informed by a computer science teacher that I had no future in the technology field.  I later went on to win several technology related awards, one of which was a contest entered by individuals world wide to re-design the college website where that same person I understand was teaching.
  • I am an avid Jim Morrison fan – I’ve read, watched and listened to about everything the doors have ever done or recorded.  I’ve had friends walk several hours across Paris to visit his grave and have been an avid fan of the Hard Rock Hotel/Cafe (rumored to be spurred by the Doors) – I been fortunate enough to visit several of them including the largest one in the world and of course I collect Hard Rock Cafe Tshirts.
  • Given that I was tagged as part of an obviously Elite Canadian Contingency, I think it only fitting that I let everyone know that I think the greatest game ever played is Hockey, that it’s a Canadian Game through and through, that Don Cherry is a freakin’ Hero and that while the greatest player to ever lace skates is unquestionably Wayne Gretzky, my favorite players were Mike Bossy and Pavel Bure.  While I won’t admit to it openly, I may or may not secretly admire Brian Trottier’s mustache.
  • My first experience with the internet came shortly after hearing about it – I managed to dig up an old X86 33Mhz PC w/ 4MB RAM, connect it to a 4400(or some random #) Baud External Modem and then Plug that into the telephone jack.  After several hours of frustration and troubleshooting, I learned that I would have much better success if I “actually HAD an internet connection(aka: Service Provider). (I guess that teacher wasn’t so far off after all!) :)

There you have it,

Now I’ll tag 5 random people that I know work in the SharePoint space at some level or other!

  1. Andrew Connell
  2. Heather Solomon
  3. Michael Gannotti
  4. Jason Medero
  5. Liam Cleary
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One Response to I've been tagged to write "5 things you don't know about me".

  1. Joe Berg says:


    I’ve been looking for a sharepoint template I can use to help manage a youth hockey association, Do you have any recommendations?