The reason for less posts lately.

There are several reasons I have been unable to post as much lately, but slowly I’m digging through a pile which I hope will lead me to being able do get back on a regular schedule.

First and foremost the main reason I have been unable to post as much as I would like lately is because I’ve been involved with two book projects which have really taken up a lot of time. 

My current project (Book), Beginning SharePoint 2007 is a joint venture between Amanda Murphy and I. 

We’ve been busy churning out what we hope you will find very useful as an introduction to SharePoint 2007 (700 pages of it in fact).  Not to worry I have not been sitting by idle, I have been pouring much of what i would normally write here into our book. 

Don’t worry though I will resume posting here much more frequently the moment my obligations there are complete.

On top of that I’ve been actively involved with the Microsoft RDP program where I helped to build a couple of pretty cool applications on top of the SharePoint 2007 beta and (TR) bits.  More on those soon also.

I hope everyone is enjoying opening new doors and creating even wilder opportunities on top of the RTM, and congrats to SharePoint Team, (and all other team(s)) involved on the release.


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