If you get a chance to take in the INXS (Switch) Tour, Do It!

Last night I had a chance to take in INXS with the new lead singer JD Fortune as part of their Switch Tour.  All I can say about it is, AWESOME.  This show is intense, the energy is unbelievable.

ns1nov10.jpgThe show ran about an hour behind schedule which left 1000′s of people flooding the streets outside Mile One in St. John’s.

The opening act, Brian Byrne (formerly the lead singer of I Mother Earth) a local boy from Newfoundland was great also which was a huge bonus.  Amanda and I had a chance to tell Brian face to face that it was a great show as we ran into him this afternoon at a local pub called The Ship Inn which is notorious for great food by day and local talent by night.

As for INXS, they exploded on to the stage and delivered pure energy for two solid hours.  JD was constantly interacting with the crowed, often leaving the stage and going to the far ends of the stadium.  The band was AMAZING.

The show was top-knotch and I couldnt possibly recommend it highly enough. A+++.  Sometimes the only thing you can say is WOW, this is one of those times.

Lets just say I NEVER expected to watch INXS sing “Burning Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash LIVE.

The only downside was the security trying to ream me on taking videos first w/ my camera, and later w/ my pocket PC.

If you get a chance to take in this show, do it.  Photo courtesy of the Telegram, it’s from the show last nite.

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