Catching Up

I realize its been a really long time since my last post.  Things have been crazy for Shane and I over the past month.  You can really see that if you look at the fact that even his blog as slowed down.  The fact is we are flat out working away on our book project and barely have enough time to breath.  The good news is we are making killer progress and are well on our way to having things done on schedule.  Woot!! 

It’s fun having this project together since it really highlights how well we work together.  I realize most couples can’t do the work together thing but I really think its great because it builds on the mutual respect you have for one another as both professionals and genuine partners.  Plus if one of us gets sick with a cold (ie me), its great that the other person can step it up (ie him) and cover their ass (ie mine).  :-)

Of course by now everyone and their dog is aware of the release of the MOSS 2007 trial, WSS 3.0, Office 2007 and Vista on MSDN and in the case of the SharePoint components, Microsoft Downloads.  There has been an insane amount of useful information posted recently by the community.  In particular I’d like to point to some great content hosted on the SharePoint Product Team weblog such as:

The Actual RTW Announcement Along with Eval Links, Keys and Detailed Install and Upgrade Instructions from Some SharePoint MVPS as well as Microsoft.

An Announcement on the Availability of Volume Licensing for SharePoint Products and Technologies for 2007 releases.

A 3 Part Workflow Development Series of Articles.

The Announcement of the Beta of an Upgrade Toolkit for WSS 2.0 to 3.0 Sites.

And of course there was a great posting by Joel yesterday on some capacity and performance planning papers available on the MS site.  This is on my inflight reading list for my trip to Ottawa next week.

Keep watching the SharePoint blog site as well as other great community resources.  The amount of information available today for a product that is barely in its infant stages blows my mind.

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