Been bitten by the repeating icon bug in a custom SharePoint 2007 B2TR theme?

If you have been creating custom themes in B2TR, you have likely come across the reapeating icon bug which shows up behind the lists/libaries in the quick launch menu.

This is a known (and very minor) issue in B2TR – The class which is causing this is¬† It’s a simple case of a repeating background.

If you have access to SharePoint Designer 2007 and would like a quick, temporary fix complete the following steps:

  • Connect to your site in SharePoint Designer 2007 (File, Open Site)
  • Open the themename1011-6001.css file located the _themes directory.
  • Locate the class and add the following property: background-repeat:no-repeat;

Alternatively just scroll to the bottom of the stylesheet and copy/paste this.

/* Quick Launch Repeating Background Fix */ {

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