A weekend of techo-spending

This weekend while quite busy with various projects was also filled with various suprise shopping sprees.  Amanda started it off by buying us each a Pocket PC (The UTStarcom) which I’m very impressed with thus far.

We pondered the Motorolla Q but quite frankly I am just more fond of the PocketPC.  Sure the Q has great form factor but I just don’t see me utilizing it as much as I will the PCversion.  I mean C’mon Mobile OneNote and PowerPoint? Woo-hoo.

Of course what good is a mobile device without memory?  Off to the local Future Shop we went to find some MINI-SD cards where we managed to find a couple of 2GB cards which were actually very reasonably priced.

We also somewhere over the course of the weekend managed to obtain several other suprise gifts which included an outdoor fire pit (great addition to the yard) and a copy of EA Sports NHL 2007 (freakin dynamite!).

It was a great weekend of techie gifts! :)

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