Web Content Management (WCM) – The "Image" UI

For those of you creating publishing and internet facing sites, you are almost certain to use the WCM version of the image control.  While this is much better than the web part version where you had to specify the path manually it is a little unintuative.

In the event some of you stumble in the same place I did I figured I’d make a quick post on the image control which comes with the WCM bits of MOSS 2007.

After uploading multiple images to the library and then trying to select one it seems they’re not there.  The key word here is “seems”, they are there, just hiding.  If you look at the top of the window you’ll find a tiny little arrow, clicking this will bring you to the next page.

This was very unintuative for me and it took me a minute or two to figure out what was going on.  Screenshot below:


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2 Responses to Web Content Management (WCM) – The "Image" UI

  1. Matthew says:

    Terribly sorry to be off-track, but I was hoping that the blogger or one of his readers could point me towards a site for Sharepoint beginners–I have a stupid question regarding how to install a right-click menu into 2.0 so task information can be cut/copied/pasted while editing the description of a task (it gives me a right-click menu in the title field, but not in the description field–pretty annoying).

  2. shane says:

    The best place to start is on the SharePoint Newsgroups. It sounds to me if you need to edit the context menu’s, you may want to look at the OWS.JS and other OOTB Javascript files which control the menus.

    If you are trying to copy/paste – OOTB thats not possible in document libraries. We’ve written a web part that does it (If thats what you are after – Im not entirely sure). http://www.infotechcanada.com/teamtools – Look at Trace.