The IW Center and More Chris Caposela

Last week I confessed my admiration of Chris Capossela and I linked to an interview where he details his career path.  This week, Shane pointed me to a podcast he participated in that is hosted on the IW Center site (which looks like a great resource for information too).

Shane and I were also discussing last week how cool it would be if Capossela had a blog.  Even if he posted once a month РI suspect it would be quite interesting.

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3 Responses to The IW Center and More Chris Caposela

  1. Shane Perran says:

    I was most impressed by the fact that he used to work directly with Bill. Helping him with technical speeches, demo’s and presentations.

    He has had quite a run with MS that’s for sure.

  2. amanda says:

    Yep I was surprised at that when I saw the interview. I had no idea what his path through MS has been.

  3. Brendan says:

    Who exactly is Chris Caposela? Never heard of the guy/woman.