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Shane posted on this last week but it really is blowing my mind that so many good resources exist already for SharePoint 2007 compared to when we first started working on 2003 (and let’s not even go 2001).  Man those were some hard times.  I remember having to create EVERYTHING from scratch.  From the sales process to the development, deployment and training stages - there was absolutely nothing to go on except what we made ourselves. I swear I spent my first 12 months documenting and creating templates.  Some of which I still use so I guess it was a decent investment of effort.

When I first started with 2007, I admit I was a little thrown off by just how much new functionality existed.  I started wondering if there was anyway I’d ever master it all to the degree I did in 2003.  However between official Microsoft material supplied both as part of TAP and directly to the community and then the MASSIVE amount of awesome resources being provided BY the community – I have made some pretty awesome progress.  I really couldn’t be more excited.  The amount of knowledge sharing and enthusiasm over this new version of the product only reinforces for me what an excellent choice it has been to focus on this platform professionally. 

Here are some great listings of resources if you are just getting started yourself. 

Andrew’s Extensive WCM Resource List

Arno’s Listing of Records and Document Management Resources

Arpan’s Listing of SharePoint 2007 Training Steps and Resources

Heather’s SharePoint 2007 Resource Listing

Jan’s Series on New Features Available in SharePoint 2007

Joel’s List of SharePoint Planning, Configuration and Deployment Resources

Joris’s Massive WSS and MOSS Resource Listing Page

Liam’s Plethora of In-Depth Posts on Various Functions of SharePoint 2007

Mark’s MOSS 2007 Resource List

Shane’s Tips and Hidden Gems Postings on SharePoint Customization

Ted Pattison’s Screencast Series (Awesome Starting Point)

Technet’s Office System Webcast Series

Seriously can you believe that I can actually refer to THAT many awesome resource listings for a product that isn’t even released?  And that is just a drop in the bucket based on a quick reference to a listing I have stored on my personal MOSS site.

So in summary – keep up the great work everyone

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8 Responses to SharePoint 2007 Learning Resources

  1. Rick - a 'merican' says:

    Thanks for the great list! lso, Congrats on keeping the promise…

  2. Rick - a 'merican' says:

    Umm…that’d be ‘Also’ in most places.

  3. Alpesh says:

    Good on Ya Amanda…

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  5. Pingback: SBC DotNet Weblog : SharePoint 2007 Resources & Links

  6. Deadra says:

    I have been tasked with doing preliminary research on using sharepoint as a part of a blended learning solution. Have any of you used or have knowledge of someone/organization who’s used sharepoint to promote learning?

  7. John says:


    Using SharePoint as a part of blended learning solution is prefectly realised at least in SLK(Silmple Learning Kit) and SharePoint LMS – full blown Learning Management System for Sharepoint

    Hope this will helps.