SharePoint 2007 Features

(disclaimer: This is in reference to Beta 2 non TR – This may change and for that matter this may not be 100% accurate). 

While the naming seems a little strange to say the least, the benefits of “features” are going to no doubt make life a little easier for IW’s, ITpro’s and Developers alike.

What the heck is a feature you ask?
I think it was Ted Pattison who said it best with “Using features you can start with a Team Site and have it evolve into an Internet Publishing Site”.  Great analogy.

I am writing this post to hopefully help those that stumble when trying to enable “Site Publishing Features”.  There are a few things you should know.

1) You can only enable site publishing features on a site collection (I think).  The option is available via site settings on all subsites/webs.  For me it tosses an error. 

2) There are site features, and site collection features.  If you start by creating a site collection with a blank or team site at the top and wish to enable publishing features, you must select Site Collection Features, not to be confused with Site Features just left of it. (Screenshot Below).


Feeling lost?:  Create a site collection (using the Team or Blank site template).  Click Site Settings – Notice there are site features and site collection features.  If you want to enable publishing features, you have to select site collection.  (This is mostly an “IO” error but hopefully it will save you a little time). 

You can thank Amanda for pointing this out because evidently my spewing profanities at the screen didn’t fix it initially…  Go figure :)

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2 Responses to SharePoint 2007 Features

  1. Paul says:

    Hello, am a university student working with SharePoint on a project. currently i’m the server administrator for my project team. I need to enable the publish feature but am unable to do so. when i go to site collection faetures and click activate for the Office SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure, it just returns me a page showing “Error. Access denied.” Any help on this?

  2. Eytan Gess says:

    I am trying to do some integration between reporting services and sharepoint. I have some instructions that tell me to click on “Site Collection Features” under site settings. I go ahead and click site settings and find no “Site Collection features” link. How do I get this link to appear?