Using SharePoint Designer 2007 (TIP!)

Even the most seasoned designers and developers like to have a starting point when it comes to creating new pages.  It doesn’t matter if it’s an ASPX web form, or a standar (x)html page, having a relatively empty starting point is the norm.  For those of you that find yourselves often copying, pasting, or duplicating these type of pages to create new content in SharePoint Designer 2007, you may want to take advantage of this little tip.  Right click on the file you wish to duplicate and select “New from existing page” from the context menu – you’ll have a new page created based on the selected page as your starting point/template. – Hope it helps!


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  3. dan silk says:

    When I open a document that contains ListView, the WebPart shows <View Name=”{9D130446-019E-4D70-9FDD-6F17C19CEEFD}” DefaultView=”TRUE” Type=”GRID”, SPD crased.

    Notice Type=”GRID” If Type=”HTML”, I can open the page fine with SPD 2007. But it crashed when Type=”GRID”. This is on WSS 3.0

    Anyone have this problem?


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