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Customizing SharePoint Portal Server 2003

While browing posts yesterday I noticed an article on customizing SPS 2003 In the article Luis talks about customizing the SPS.CSS style sheet located on the file system.  I just wanted to note that editing default files is unsupported due … Continue reading

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Adding a company logo to a WSS v3 site using CSS

I feel as though I must be missing something, actually, I really hope I’m missing something obvious. The problem: I create a WSS v3 web/site and now want to add my company logo. If I open the default.master to add … Continue reading

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Feed issues (teasers)

It’s come to my attention that in my *ahem*  tweaking of my feeds via feedburner I managed to click something which may be causing you to see only a little teaser text and be forced to view my site to … Continue reading

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Understanding customer needs and business value in WSS v3 customization

I wrote an article recently which questions the architecture of WSS v3 master pages, more specifically the shortcomings of WSS v3 customization when it comes to the application pages which reside in the _layouts folder. I was happy to see … Continue reading

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How to live happily with a great designer (By Seth Godin)

For those of you that strive to create a pixel based purple cow each day, you should appeciate this article by Seth Godin dubbed “How to live happily with a great designer“. The only thing I would do differently is … Continue reading

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Xbox 360: Frogger Love

While I have quite a full plate this weekend working on some of our various SharePoint 2007 projects, I did decide that I also had to fit a little Xbox 360 luvin into my schedule.  Thanks for the reminder Matt!  … Continue reading

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There's a new "Online" RSS Aggregator on the Block, Newshutch

I noticed this will browsing around one of my favorite online application developer sites, 37 Signals.  Newshutch is a very clean RSS aggregator, very nice execution thus far.  I just hope the aggregator performs faster than the website, it’s getting muchos … Continue reading

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Getting more out of Microsoft Office, advanced tips and tricks

Looking for ways to be more productive in your Microsoft Office environment? Microsoft has a site dedicated to delivering tips and tricks for Microsoft Office. What good would a Microsoft Office site be without Advanced Tips for Windows SharePoint Services? … Continue reading

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MOSS 2007 Customization: Content Types, Columns and Page Layouts Explained

When I started blogging a couple of years back, I made my entry with a very unorthodox way to create a WSS v2 website that looked like “a real website”. I promise I won’t make you endure that length tutorial … Continue reading

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Designing yourself into obscurity

Just to show that I hate all technologies equally, I decided to touch briefly on an issue which in my opinion is becoming epedemic across design-land. That is the utter lack of creativity with websites. From blogs which do nothing … Continue reading

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