MOSS 2007/WSS V3: Where are the chart web parts?

I had an email conversation yesterday about “charting” in MOSS 2007/WSS v3, more specifically where are they? With so much emphasis on BI you would expect to see a lot of charting capabilities.

We all know how exec’s love their BI, KPI charts, so where are the web parts? Do we rely on the charting capabilities of the other Office 2007 products? Was this an intentional door opener for partners? I don’t follow charting a whole lot so I figured maybe some others would have ideas, opinions or answers on this topic? I’m all ears if someone wants to chime in here.

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2 Responses to MOSS 2007/WSS V3: Where are the chart web parts?

  1. Randy says:

    While Excel 2007 allows you to build some incredible charts using Excel data, that truly doesn’t address the lack of charting capabilities in WSSv3 or SharePoint Server 2007. I cannot drop a Excel chart onto a site and have it fed by a Web Service or SQL database. (if i can, please tell me how)

    Here is an excellent use for charts: a KPI Master/Details combo where the Master shows your current KPIs, but the user could select a specific KPI and the Details would open with a chart showing the last months worth of data. This is what managers need to see!

  2. Ishai Sagi says:

    see Ivan on this:

    personally, I agree – it sucks.
    but remember – the OWC is just a control, and you can use the content editor to add it using html.