Getting started with developing, customizing and administering MOSS 2007/WSS v3?

If you are just getting started with the 2007 wave, MOSS 2007, WSS v3 and your head is spinning, take a step back, then search good for on-demand webcasts, lectures and or blog-posts from Ted Pattison and Bill English. Thse guys have really been tapping into some great material for Developers and IT Pro’s.
Ted Pattison has been tearing it up with the 2007 wave for development and customization topics.  On the administration front, Bill English has been chimining in with some fantastic posts.

Not to take away from the bazillion other bloggers, but these two have really, really been standing out in my opinion.  Hats off!

On top of that we have a lot of great new projects coming down the line, The SharePoint Community Kit, The SharePoint Learning Kit, The SharePoint Forums and SharePoint KICKS! just to name a few.

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