Customizing SharePoint Portal Server 2003

While browing posts yesterday I noticed an article on customizing SPS 2003

In the article Luis talks about customizing the SPS.CSS style sheet located on the file system.  I just wanted to note that editing default files is unsupported due to the possibility of service pack overwrites etc.  As such, the team was kind enough to leave us with OOTB functionality allowing us to point to another style sheet.  This eliminates the need to edit default files but also allows us to do some of these customizations that Luis has pointed out.  All you have to do is add one easy extra step.  First “Copy/Paste” the SPS.CSS file and rename it.
To point to a new style sheet in SharePoint Portal Server 2003:

  1. Copy/Paste and Rename the SPS.CSS style sheet
  2. Click on site settings
  3. Select Change portal site properties and SharePoint site creation settings (under the “general heading”)
  4. At the bottom you can point to your new style sheet.

It’s great to see people starting to post about SharePoint Portal Server 2003 customization as I’ve had a lot of requests for information on SPS 2003.

I hope this tip helps,

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4 Responses to Customizing SharePoint Portal Server 2003

  1. Mike says:

    I’m wondering if this is the best approach…, of course it is the way MSFT has meant it but what effort would it take to backup your customized SPS.CSS before you do the upgrade? By adding it the SharePoint way the SPS.CSS is still loaded which means 32Kb of useless data across the line. On most intranets probably not a big deal but certainly something to think about imho.

  2. shane says:


    I would be far more worried about the several hundred k work of javascript which has to load up.

    I certainly agree with taking all things into consideration and I would recommend this approach 100 out of 100.


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  4. Steve says:

    You are now part of the BUZZ, SharePoint BUZZ