The "Scoble Parade"

I was never a huge follower of Scoble, even though I’m sure he had lots of good to say, it just didn’t particularly intrigue me.  That being said his presense in the blog world is obviously undeniable.

My question (or fear) is, will this (somewhat self inflicted) media frenzy hurt Microsoft’s stance on blogging?  A company such as Microsoft is already under constant scrutiny – will this recent media circus make them re-evaluate their stance on employee blogging?   I sure hope not, blogging is such a critical piece in reaching out to partners, developers and customers alike.

My personal thought on the matter: (Please note I have limited knowledge of Scoble, or what he has done within Microsoft, I am basing this only on what I’ve picked up on over the last little while).

1) If you don’t want a media circus then don’t use one of the most popular blogs on the planet to constantly draw attention to the matter.  Comments like – Oh gee why are they all looking at me ?  – C’mon.

2) The cut and dry of the situation in my personal opinion can be summed up in two letters, PR – Do I really need to elaborate?

I don’t want to sound too jaded but suffice it to say I have probably not read more than 2 paragraphs of the 30 million articles written about his recent decision.

I hope Microsoft answers by creating more avenues for their employees to blog and their customers to interface with them.

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