SharePoint Server 2007: Install on a Domain Controller Workaround

I am posting this link for my own reference as well as others since I have found myself checking back through old messages once again.

If you are installing Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 in stand alone mode on a domain controller (note this isn’t by any means a best practice but decent for testing) then you will have to run a workaround script or else you will receive an error when accessing portal.

The error message will be “The trial period for this product has expired.”

The workaround download is available on the Microsoft site here.

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5 Responses to SharePoint Server 2007: Install on a Domain Controller Workaround

  1. Hikmer says:

    I had limited success trying to install SharePoint 2007 Beta 2 on a Workgroup Server. You must use the advanced option and pre-install SQL Express to make it work. I would like to know at what point I would run this tool on a Domain Controller?

  2. amanda says:

    I only run it on a domain controller in test / dev environments where I may not have access to a regular dc but want the benefits of Active Directory. Particularly for demos. The workgroup option is killer to have as well for some more lightweight evironments where AD is not as important.

  3. Kyle Channing says:

    I hope you are still monitoring this post. I have a problem and hope that you can help me out. I have a Server 2003 virtual image and have three MOSS 2007 set up on it, for testing purposes. I have just finished installing active directory to this image in order add users to the SharePoint sites. Now I can not access any of my sites, Central Admin throws an error and any of the sites I try to access I get a page indicating ‘Service Unavailable’. I am hoping that this can easily be solved. I do not want to loose the sites I have created as I have done a lot of branding to get them to where they where before I installed AD. I know, I should have backed up my image but for some reson I did not do this.

    Kyle Channing

  4. donkos says:

    Which explains why installing Sharepoint on a domain controller is an unsupported configuration. While most people use the Basic install for development purposes, is there a best practice for installing a development environment with a domain controller – still need to be able test audiences and user profile features against AD…

  5. John jr. says:


    Could someone outline for me what the best way is to setup an sharepoint portal. I have installed one on a vmware environment. I would like to know what the best way is to secure it. It has to use HTTPS and ACtive Directory should also be used. I use MySQL db.

    I am aware that I can add users and setup their accounts and rights. But will they be able to login from anywhere in the world on the portal ?
    Because the use AD, I don’t really get this point.

    And what’s the benefit of a domain controller? Is that neccecary in this situation ?
    (We have a server)
    Any suggestions will be great,

    Best regards

    John. jr.