My apologies for the big blaring ad

A few weeks back I was contacted by feedburner about participating in an “experimental” ad-program.  I replied with “I am not a fan of ads but I am willing to take a look as long as it’s non intrusive.” 

Well about 10 minutes into seeing an ad come up on my page I was turned off, these big blaring ads plopped smack dab in the MIDDLE of my posts that have absolutely nothing to do with what I’m writing about – forget it.

I email the guys and tell them – sorry but I simply cannot stuff these totally content-agnostic ads down my readers throats and that I wanted them removed immediately.

They replied – said no problem and I assume all is well.  I even went into the admin area and deactivated the feature.  Today I notice there is again a big blaring ad smack dab in the middle of a post. 

Just so everyone is clear – I’m working to have these removed ASAP, they will not continue and they drive me just as crazy.

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One Response to My apologies for the big blaring ad

  1. Traci says:

    Hi. I know you’ve been in touch with Eric on the publisher team here. I just wanted to follow up and clarify that all ads go into an 48-hour approval queue so you can decide whether it’s something you want to display or not. If you’re running into any weirdness trying to deactivate an ad, please drop a note to our Ad Operations team at adops at feedburner dot com. Thanks for using FeedBurner!