Catering to the IT Pro's and Information Workers of the world

I’ve made mention many times in the past that I felt there was an obvious lack of material catering to “the users” – The Information Workers, the IT Pro’s and the like.

While at TechED I was fortunate enough to sit down with Lawerence Liu who works with Microsoft on the SharePoint Product Team and also happens to be in charge of “community”.  He shares this feeling, and I am happy to report that he is very focused on promoting the Information Worker and ITPro information channels, as well he’s playing a very active role in helping to moderate the direction of the community from the top level so that members are able to understand what’s missing, where they can help, and how to get started.

A note to all you guys/gals just getting started in the SharePoint Products and Technologies space, in particular blogging – If you are looking to promote your blogs and help drive traffic, focusing on ITpro and Information Worker related materials is definately a good jump-point.  I get a massive amount of emails, and traffic spikes when I make these type posts.

I hope to see more and more (real world) questions like the one below which I snagged from the Newsgroups both popping up, and being answered in the blogosphere.
My boss recently set up Windows Sharepoint Services and has now turned it over to me.  He wants  … or

So I just installed service pack -x- and now my coffee tastes off, or … well you get the idea.

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