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What's New in SharePoint 2007

Mega props to Stephen Cummins for the cutest writeup on what is new in SharePoint…anything written in Seseme Street language gets my approval.  =-)

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INETA Leadership Summit – Tech Ed 2006

Are you excited about community?  Do you run or help manage or user group?  Are you looking to get more involved with your user group?  Maybe you are interested in starting a user group?  If so, and you are planning … Continue reading

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Please update the RSS Feed for this site

This will happen once and once only.  The RSS feed for this site was recently updated to use feedburner.  The new feed is located: Thanks!

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SharePoint Gone Wild

Literally! … Fishing season opened yesterday and Amanda and I took to the ‘ole fishin’ hole to try our luck. Keeping true to the inner geek, we multi-tasked the entire way as you can see from the slide deck review … Continue reading

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Please update the RSS Feed for this website

This will happen one time only.  I have switched my RSS feed to feedburner, please update the feed for this website to point to: 

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The Evolution of Dance

My brother sent me this and I spent the entire video cracking up.  Brings back lots of memories… Watch the Evolution of Dance Video

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First WordPress Post

Just switched hosting providers and took the time to transfer my blog to WordPress as well.  Still have some tweaking to do but so far so good.  I will need to update my blogroll (long overdue) and make this look … Continue reading

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Possible Downtime + RSS URL Change

You may have minor troubles with the blog over the next 24-48 hours. The reason for this is I am in the process of switching some much needed services around. Things that are about to change on my Blog 1) … Continue reading

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Office 2007, Blogging from Word?

Word is a great tool for writing stuff, right? Blogging is all about communicating with words (and pictures, too). So, why not use Word to write your blog posts? Looks promising, espeically for those of you that maintain a certain … Continue reading

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The Beauty of SharePoint 2007 – Opening Browser Enabled Documents

One of my first steps when installing an OS on a new system is to go in afterwards and change the settings for documents that I would prefer to have opened in the application over the browser. This is fine … Continue reading

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