MSN Goes Standards (CSS) Compliant

As more information creeps in about the long-term benefits of going CSS+Standards based, more and more large scale websites are turning to web standards based CSS design. Amber just pointed this one out to me.

MSN launched a new homepage today that boasts a completely CSS-based layout, accessibility features, stripped-down markup that’s friendly to mobile devices, a theme switcher, and a total of only 2 validation errors.

With this launch, MSN joins a host of other major commercial sites that have embraced web standards, including Yahoo, AOL, ABC News, Wired and ESPN, to name a few.

One notable thing that sets the MSN homepage redesign apart from the others I named is the paltry number of validation errors. I know validation isn’t everything, but still, when you’ve got ESPN topping out the list with a whopping 1910 errors, and MSN has 2? That’s impressive, no matter how you cut it.

Good job guys!

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